Our Offer

Supporting the road to zero carbon by 2050 through the funding and deployment of low carbon assets.

Horizon Energy Infrastructure Limited has 4 principles that form the core of everything we do:

Service - supporting our customers navigate complex processes to ensure they maximise commercial opportunities and fulfil all regulatory obligations.
Innovation - the energy ecosystem is constantly evolving. We are continuously exploring ways of supporting new technologies and disruptors to the market.
Solutions - we work hard to deliver bespoke solutions that address the specific needs of our customers and when hurdles appear we work tirelessly to identify the optimum remedy.
Partnership - we are long term partners to all our customers, with aspirations to fund and deploy proven technologies such as EV Charging and other Micro Grid equipment.

Horizon Energy Infrastructure Limited (HEI) has over 10 years experience of supporting energy suppliers deploy smart and advanced meters in both the domestic and non domestic UK markets.

Our experienced team currently manage over 30 installation programmes across an existing portfolio of 400,000 meters and the deployment of a future 800,000+ meters over the coming 3 years, we support our customers and partners in managing the complexities of their Smart Meter programme.

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Creating Strong Partnerships

Targeting the growing independent, challenger brands in the UK who have circa 30% market share at present

Tailored solutions for each energy supplier to maximise impact of meter deployment, as an enabler to other technology products and services

Differentiated offering – we provide a MAP only offering through to full partnership solutions, bringing key parties such as meter manufacturers and installers together

Built in Flexibility

No minimum volume commitments giving energy retailers the flexibility to rollout smart meters at a pace that is in the best interest of energy retailers and customers

Service flexibility – providing a core solution that can flex with optional services based on specific needs

Flexible funding for assets to enable roll-out programmes with both large and small energy suppliers

Trusted in the Market

Market benchmarking throughout the roll-out gives energy retailers confidence in HEI's service

An ‘Open House’ approach – energy retailers can visit our operations centre in Salisbury, Southern England, with an open invitation to view our capabilities

Commitment and willingness to partner with our customers; building trust and establishing long-lasting relationships

Franco Miceli, Network Operations Director at Octopus Energy said

"We are delighted to be working with Horizon Energy Infrastructure as part of our smart meter rollout. The two companies have a similar focus and are jointly committed to deliver smart meters to our customers as effectively as possible."

Horizon Energy Infrastructure Limited had developed funding solutions for the commercial EV charging sector.

The opportunities to reduce carbon emissions presented by EVs is well documented. The number of EVs on the road is forecast to exceed 1 million by 2025 and up to 11 million by 2040, creating the need for investment in charging infrastructure at home, work and in the community.

Installing EV charging infrastructure can be a significant investment for a business. HEI are working with the following partners in offering funded charging solutions:

  • Charge Point Operators
  • Property Developers
  • Energy Suppliers
  • Destinations (for example – Shopping Centres, Supermarkets and Hotels)
  • Car Manufacturers
  • Local Authorities

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Power generation, storage, trading and control in the home and workplace will form a fundamental part of delivering the road to zero carbon by 2050 for the United Kingdom.

Funded asset solutions will be imperative in bringing these technologies to market.

Horizon Energy Infrastructure Limited are exploring innovative funding models to support the roll out of assets in this sector.

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Horizon Energy Ventures Limited “HEV” has been created in December 2020 to provide financial support to our partners.


With the UK having to achieve a net zero carbon target by 2050 HEV will provide the vital funding in carbon neutral heating solutions through our innovative funding propositions.

Air Source Heat Pumps

In the right environment air source heat pumps provide a cost efficient and carbon neutral solution to heat end consumers homes.
As technology advances the connected home will become more attractive for home owners as they look to capitalise on the financial benefits available to them such as the green homes grant.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

For larger projects involving heating multi-dwellings such as office building and multi-storey flats a ground source heat pump may be required. A geothermal heat pump or ground source heat pump is a central heating and/or cooling system that transfers heat to or from the ground, often through a vapor-compression refrigeration cycle. It uses the earth all the time, without any intermittency, as a heat source or a heat sink.

How can Horizon Energy Ventures Ltd help me?

Horizon Energy Ventures Ltd have several innovative funding models to ensure carbon neutral heating infrastructure of all sizes can be financed. Our competitive cost of capital and ability to grant partners access to our extensive network of energy industry professionals will ensure infrastructure initiatives are progressed to completion.

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